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Wall Street contra Thomas Piketty

Mulally vs. Piketty

By Holman W. Jenkins Jr.
The Wall Street Journal • April 23, 2014, p. A13


"...In Capital in the Twenty-First Century, the Thomas Piketty book so adulated by liberals, the French economist argues that capitalism is innately flawed by a rich-get-richer, everybody-else-stagnates dynamic that has stayed hidden for the past half century by serendipitous factors...

"He argues that capitalism's true nature is to produce stagnation for the masses and ever-concentrating wealth in the hands of the heirs and heiresses. Such is the ineluctable outcome when inherited wealth earns its natural (he says) 5% return in an economy where growth is naturally stuck at 1% except when extraordinary demographic and historical events intervene.

"...His liberal fans...are so delighted by his afflict-the-rich nostrums they fail to notice his book leaves them nothing to offer the mass of voters except little hope and lots of recrimination. Making capital the enemy will hardly improve their future. And who says a world in which capital rather than labor produces a growing share of income must be a dystopian one?* In fact, shouldn't it be our ideal?"

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* Michael Hoffman’s note: "Who says?” asks Mr. Jenkins.

God says, in Psalm 15:1 and 5; Ezekiel 18:5 and 8-9; Proverbs 22:7; Nehemiah 5:1-13; Matthew 6:24; Luke 6: 30-35; II Peter: 2. 

Western civilization says, in Aristotle, Cicero, Cato, St. Basil, King St. Edward, Pope Innocent IV, Dante, St. Anthony of Padua, St. Thomas Aquinas, Martin Luther, Bishop John Jewel, Samuel Willard, et alia.


Pornography addict stalked and abducted women

A 49-year-old pornography addict, Kelly Swoboda, turned his van into a mobile dungeon. He stalked and abducted women. Swoboda shot a police officer in Portland, Oregon and died in the gun battle:

Swoboda already was wanted by police because he was the suspect in bank robberies as well as a January kidnapping at a tanning salon southeast of Portland. A 23-year-old woman was working alone at the salon when a man beat her, forced her outside to a van and bound her ankles and wrists with duct tape. The woman escaped by jumping from the moving vehicle. She suffered a fractured skull and other injuries.

When investigators examined Swoboda’s van...they discovered chains mounted to the floor in back and items used to tie a person, including ropes and zip ties. The woman who escaped had not noticed such items, leading a prosecutor to ask whether Swoboda had later converted the van into a “movable dungeon.” “I’m thinking exactly that one victim got away, and he wasn’t going to let the next one get away,” said Detective Mary Nunn of the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office, according to the transcript. “Our discussion at my office is that he was coming up with a better way to restrain somebody in his vehicle.” 

Among the surveillance notes discovered by police were ones about a brunette near the Oregon Episcopal School tennis courts that he rated an eight, and a ballerina spotted outside a Eugene dance studio. At least one young woman was in the southern Oregon city of Klamath Falls.

Investigators also said they recovered pornographic magazines and DVDs from the van that featured teenage girls and young women.



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Quote of the week

"One of those noble Jewish types"

On February 23, 1942, Stefan Zweig and his young wife committed suicide together in Petrópolis, Brazil. The following day, the Brazilian government held a state funeral, attended by President Getulio Vargas. The news spread rapidly around the world, and the couple’s deaths were reported on the front page of The New York Times. Zweig had been one of the most renowned authors of his time, and his work had been translated into almost fifty languages.

In his newest film, "The Grand Budapest Hotel," Wes Anderson takes his inspiration not from a specific novella but from the entire body of Zweig’s work and his life.  In the eyes of one of Zweig’s friends, the novelist Irmgard Keun:

Stefan Zweig "belonged to those that suffered but who would not and could not hate. And he was one of those noble Jewish types who, thin-skinned and open to harm, lives in an immaculate glass world of the spirit and lacks the capacity themselves to do harm."

Source: Anka Muhlstein, NYR, May 8, 2014, and Leon Botstein, “Stefan Zweig and the Illusion of the Jewish European,” Jewish Social Studies, Vol. 44, No. 1 (Winter 1982).


In the pope’s backyard Italians are becoming extinct

Michael Hoffman’s Note: Neither “Saint” Pope John Paul II nor his current successor, Pope Francis, ever truly admonished married Italian men and women for their abominably selfish attitudes toward procreation. Yes, even John-Paul “the pro-life pope” gave the Italians a Humane Vitae “lite" approach, knowing full well that Catholic confessors in the West were exculpating married couples who practiced contraception. John Paulphiles can produce — if they can — contrary evidence in our comments section (below). We’d love to see it, but we predict that all they will be able to come up with is some token wrist-slapping from JP-II. This is one reason why, upon his death, Italians demanded immediate sainthood for Pope John Paul —  he did not raise the spectre of disaster and damnation toward those Italians who do not possess enough spark to reproduce themselves. Had the Italians "denied the Holocaust” however, then you can be certain he would have invoked the wrath of God upon them.

With Pope Francis, as a result of his notorious “Who am I to judge?” maxim, counseling against contraception is not a high priority. A recent pro-life march and meeting in Rome was dismally attended by a total of exactly one Catholic cardinal or bishop, Cardinal Burke. The pope and the rest of the hierarchy were absent. They have more important priorities that engage their passionate concerns, as for example, civil unions for sodomites, which is at the top of their list; being popular with the world and its media is also exceedingly important to them.

The hierarchy of the Church of Rome, starting with the current pope, cannot be said to be other than coffin riders sailing over the extinction of the Italian nation with a wink and a nod. No doubt they feel that North African immigrants will make better citizens of Italy than the Italians themselves. Perhaps they are right. North Africans do have enough children sufficient to reproduce themselves. Meanwhile the Wall Street Journal reports that Italy “already has around 150 over-65s for every 100 people under 14.”

Arrivederci Italia!

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Wall Street Journal, April 22, 2014, p. A11.


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Republican Idaho is Shylock's Utopia

Editor’s Note: Idaho, where we maintain our office and residence, has a well deserved reputation as one of the most Conservative-Republican and heavily-churched states in the Union. Many residents pride themselves on their alleged Biblical and family values. With an interest rate on loans in Idaho pegged at an ungodly rate of predation of 582%, these Republican church-goers are either flagrant hypocrites or grossly ignorant of God’s law concerning loans of money. The Republican-dominated Idaho legislature recently passed a “reform” of the "Payday loan" laws - a “reform" which continues to permit greedhead buccaneer-capitalists no limit on interest rates. More than ever Christians and Conservatives need to learn what the Word of God has to say concerning these financial crimes against humanity that make a mockery of the teaching of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  Greed-is-good Republicans are destroying families and the moral fabric of our nation.

—Michael Hoffman

Idaho "Payday Loan" interest rates highest in the nation

Idaho's payday lenders charge the highest interest rate in the nation - an average 582 percent, according to a study from the Pew Charitable Trusts. The trusts found that Idaho, Nevada and Utah had the nation's highest interest rates for payday loans; the three states are among seven that put no limits on those rates. Click below for a full report from the Salt Lake Tribune via the Associated Press; the Tribune reported that 15 states either ban payday loans or cap interest rates at 36 percent.

The news comes after a payday loan reform bill that contains no caps on interest rates passed the Idaho Legislature this year amid much controversy; opponents said the bill, backed by major payday lenders, didn't go far enough to reform the business in Idaho. SB 1314, which passed the House by just one vote, was signed into law by Gov. Butch Otter on March 26. The new law, which takes effect July 1, limits borrowers taking out payday loans to an amount not to exceed 25 percent of their gross income, with the borrower to provide the proof of that; and requires lenders to offer borrowers who can't repay their loans on time a once-a-year option for an extended payment plan without additional fees.

Idaho, Nevada and Utah have among highest payday loan rates 

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Idaho, Nevada and Utah have among the nation's highest interest rates for payday loans, according to a report.

The study, released this week by the Pew Charitable Trusts, found their rates are so high mainly because they're among only seven states that impose no legal limits on them.

Idaho payday lenders charge an average 582 percent annual interest on their loans to lead the nation, The Salt Lake Tribune reported. That's followed by South Dakota and Wisconsin, both 574 percent; Nevada, 521 percent; Delaware, 517 percent; and Utah, 474 percent.

Among states with storefront payday lenders, the lowest average interest charged is Colorado at 129 percent, which matches its legal limit. The next lowest are Oregon at 156 percent and Maine at 217 percent.

Fifteen states either ban payday loans or cap interest rates at 36 percent. None of them has any storefront lenders. Without a limit on interest rates, competition among lenders does not tend to lower rates much, according to the research.

Representatives of the Alexandria, Va.,-based Community Financial Services Association of America did not immediately respond to requests for comment Sunday.

The study also found the nation's four largest payday loan companies charge similar rates to each other within any given state, usually at the maximum allowed by law. States with higher limits have more stores, but the rates remain higher and competition does not lower them much.

“This new research shows that payday loan markets are not competitive,” Nick Bourke, project director for Pew, told The Tribune.The study urges states to limit payments to “an affordable percentage of a borrower's periodic income,” saying monthly payments above 5 percent of gross monthly income are unaffordable. On average, a payday loan takes 36 percent of a person's pre-tax paycheck, Bourke said.

“Customers simply cannot afford to pay that back and still afford their other financial obligations,” he said. “This is why you see people ending up borrowing the loans over and over again.”

Information from:

The Spokesman Review:

The Salt Lake Tribune:


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Victimization of "Jews" takes center stage on Good Friday

Puppet-masters arrange for victimization of "Jews" to take center stage on Good Friday 

Meanwhile, Judge Napolitano follows O'Reilly

By Michael Hoffman

In a column yesterday concerning our analysis of a new book by Bill O'Reilly misdirecting responsibility for Christ's crucifixion, we informed you that "at this time of year the Cryptocracy manages to check devotion to and the correct understanding of the Passion and Death of Christ by 1. arranging for "Jews" to be victimized in some spectacular manner and 2. confusing people as to the identity of the killers of Jesus." 

Further confirmation of those facts is now at hand:

1. "Masked men in Donetsk, which is controlled by pro-Russian separatists, distributed fliers this week ordering Jews over the age of 16 to register with the new authorities (for a $50 fee) or face deportation. The fliers said registration was necessary because Ukrainian Jewish leaders were supporting the new government in Kiev. 

"ADL National Director Abraham Foxman issued a statement saying that...'the instructions clearly recall the Nazi era and have the effect of intimidating the local Jewish community.' Today, Secretary of State John Kerry weighed in, denouncing the fliers as 'grotesque' and 'beyond unacceptable.' He was soon joined by human rights groups and politicians, including Congressman Jerrold Nadler, who said in a statement that the fliers were 'a sad reminder of the ongoing importance and blessing of having a strong homeland for the Jewish people in the State of Israel.'

"A reporter for the Daily Beast, Anna Nemtsova, visited the synagogue in Donetsk where the fliers were handed out. A rabbi there, Pinhas Vyshedski, told Nemtsova that the press secretary of the self proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, is 'the most famous anti-Semite in the region.' Vyshedski said that he would not be surprised if the fliers were genuine." Jewish Daily Forward (New York), April 18, 2014.

2. Bill O'Reilly is certainly not alone in promoting the Romans-are-to-blame for the death of God imposture. It's the latest politically correct trend among those who claim to be defiantly politically incorrect -- except when it comes to one subject. Yesterday, Holy Thursday April 17, Andrew P. Napolitano, better known as "Judge Napolitano," (a widely admired figure among "Conservatives"), at the website of the usury advocate Lew Rockwell (, wrote a column in which he stated: 

"On the first Good Friday, the Romans executed Jesus because they were persuaded that by claiming to be the Son of God, He might foment a revolution against them...they feared a revolution that would disrupt their worldly power, and so they condemned Him to death by crucifixion." 

Jews are nowhere mentioned in Mr. Napolitano's column. 

This is the state of "Conservatism" today. In their abject cowardice these Right-wing "heroes" have dismantled the core of the Christian truth about the true identitity and nature of the hatred that killed Our Lord Jesus Christ, and is still killing Palestinians and Lebanese today literally, while emasculating Christianity spiritually and ideologically.

And the pity of it is, that among our own people almost no one truly cares enough to expose this process. (I Timothy 4:1-2). 


Thursday, April 17, 2014

In Defense of Our Lord Jesus Christ

At this time of year the Cryptocracy manages to check devotion to and the correct understanding of the Passion and Death of Christ by 1. arranging for "Jews" to be victimized in some spectacular manner and 2. confusing people as to the identity of the killers of Jesus.

Point 1 was achieved when the MK-Ultra Federal zombie Frazier Glenn Miller (a.ka. Frazier Glenn Cross - get it?) shot up Judaic sites in Kansas on Palm Sunday. It was a perfect Black Op in that three Christians died at the hands of Miller/Cross, while the Zionists reaped the benefit of the publicity and sympathy as the perpetually persecuted ones.

Point 2 is achieved every year at this time in any number of ways both small and large. Today, Maundy Thursday, the fanatically Zionist Wall Street Journal has an editorial commending "Israel" for the safe haven sanctuary it supposedly grants to Christians, compared with how Christians are allegedly mistreated by Muslim nations. All mention of the numerous attacks on monasteries in the Israeli state and blasphemy against the names of Our Lord and the Blessed Virgin Mary, is excluded.  All mention of the fact that missionary activity in the Israeli state is illegal, is excluded.  The liturgy of Holocaustianity also reaches a high pitch during this time, with more than the usual spate of articles with a Nazi-killer/Judaic victim theme.

This year, the strongest implementation of the operation to confuse our people as to who bears responsibility for the Deicide on Calvary, comes from Bill O'Reilly's new book, The Last Days of Jesus: His Life and Times -- A Special Illustrated Edition of Killing Jesus. 

This book's toxin, published earlier this month, subtly infiltrates into the minds of readers, using a kind of mental smog rather than anything overwhelmingly blatant, promoting the belief that it was the Romans and Pontius Pilate who were mainly guilty of the execution of the Son of God.

The fact that the author is a reputed "tough-talking Catholic Conservative" will help gain for the book credibility and entry into the homes of unwary Christian conservatives who mistake O'Reilly for a follower of Jesus Christ (his promotion of a sinister website in the last pages of his book probably comes too late to alert readers to the hoax he has perpetrated from the opening pages onward).

To counter O'Reilly's poison, we took four days to research and write Bill O'Reilly's Midrash on Christ, defending Our Lord Jesus from this latest attack. Our 7,000-word essay ranges beyond O'Reilly to offer proof of the relentless hatred for Jesus that remains to this day a cornerstone of Judaism, despite a barrage of media propaganda determined to convince us that Judaism is the ally of Christians in the battle with Salafist-Jihadist Islam (this agit-prop overlooks the centuries-long alliance of Judaism and Islam beginning in the medieval era - see Revisionist History issue no. 70 for the suppressed chronicle of this now forgotten epoch in the Judeo-Islamic war on Christianity). 

Beyond a few ineradicable dogmas, such as that the Judiac male as represented by the rabbi is superior to God, that Jesus is burning in hell, goyim have lesser souls and women are akin to meat from a butcher shop, Judaism, like the Supreme Court of the United States, has few fixed principles. Like the Supreme Court, Judaism is predicated almost entirely on situation ethics: allies and strategies are determined mostly by the temporal arrangements in which followers of Judaism find themselves in any given era. When Islam could be used to weaken or eradicate true Christianity, Judaism allied with it. Now that true Christianity has almost ceased to exist and those who call themselves Christians are buried in the coils of a  paralyzing apathy, the counterfeit product of this degeneracy, Churchianity, is used against Islam (except in those cases where Israeli intelligence manipulates Sunni al-Qaeda networks to slaughter Shiites and Orthodox Christians).

To help true Christians defend the Faith of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the midst of this darkness and disinformation, we have penned our analysis of the Crypocracy's latest Trojan Horse and titled it Bill O'Reilly's Midrash on Christ. It is in the PDF format and you need a functioning e-mail address and appropriate computer software to access it. It can be ordered here:

If you know of a newspaper or magazine that would be willing to publish our essay uncensored, kindly ask that publication to contact us to arrange for rights. 

Wishing you a Most Holy Pascha (Resurrection Sunday),

Michael Hoffman

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Accused Jewish Community Center shooter was government informer

By Michael Hoffman

Frazier Glenn Miller (known as “Glenn Miller” or "Glen Miller"), who allegedly shot people at a Jewish Community Center in Overland Park, Kansas on Palm Sunday, April 13, 2014, is a former Federal government informer. 

Miller testified for the prosecution in a Federal "sedition" trial at Ft. Smith, Arkansas in 1988.


I, Randall Evans, upon the blood of my ancestors and the Evans name do hereby state the following:

1) That I was convicted as a member of the Order.

2) that Glen Miller, formerly of the Klan in North Carolina, testified against Pastor Butler, Pastor Robert Miles, Louis Beam, my co-defendants Richard Scutari, Bruce Pierce, Andrew Barnhill, David Lane and others during a sedition trial in Ft Smith, Arkansas during the late 1980's.

3) That to make this perfectly clear Glen Miller was a government witness that did his best to put the foregoing persons into prison, although some were already incarcerated (my co-defendants & me).

4) That at no time has Glen Miller helped any of my co-defendants nor me since he became a government witness, agent, informant, otherwise known as a "RAT."

5) That let it be known that from my and others perspectives, "birds of a feather flock together," and anyone associating with, promoting, allowing into their organizations in any capacity in any form whatsoever must also be considered a government RAT to be BANISHED and OSTRACIZED from the honorable of our Race. "A RAT is a RAT--A FRIEND of a RAT is a RAT."

6) That only a fool would allow a known rat amongst their ranks in lieu of past white separatist history wherein our people have been victims of COINTELPRO type operations such as Ruby Ridge and many more. This goes for any RAT out there amongst our ranks and those that associate with same.

Signed on the 2nd Day of December, 2004,

Randall Evans 
United States Penitentiary 

Hoffman's investigative reporting is made possible through the sale of his publications and recordings and donations from readers